I don’t believe in average, not for tea.

My name is Dylan Conroy and I am currently living in Anhui for the purpose of learning about tea.

When it comes to tea, like I stated above, I don’t believe in average. I think these days, even in the west its easy enough to find average tea, even good tea. What I am looking for is exceptional tea. Tea that makes you rethink how you thought about a single cultivar or category. This, even in China, is harder to find. That being said I think I have found a few. The few teas I sell are teas that I think are good enough that I can comfortable putting my name on it and so you can trust that even if it isn’t your favorite tea, it will be a good tea and a tea you enjoy drinking.

Mainly though this blog is for information. I post about my travels and my discoveries so other people can understand the tea world a little more. The teas I do sell I sell because I think people should taste that individual tea. Its not about making money, it’s about helping people understand tea on a more genuine level (sorry no moon light dried white tea) and helping them taste teas that begin to show them just how good tea can be.

Cause who has time for tea that is just average?