My name is Dylan and I am obsessed with flavour.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I am now living in Anhui for the purpose of learning about tea. How does one learn about tea in China? To be honest I haven’t really figured that out. On the one hand its as easy as drinking a lot of tea and talking to a lot of people. On the other hand its as hard as shifting through tons of bad teas and having conversations with people who only think they know.

That being said as I write this a year in, much progress has been made. I have found many people who truly know a lot and I have tasted tea that completely changed the way I think about a category. The best part is, once you find this knowledgeable people they lead you to more people, those people in turn lead you to amazing teas.

When it comes to tea everything is important, every aroma, look and flavour note. The final flavour tells a story of where the tea came from and what the tea went through. It is my goal to be able to understand that story by simply sipping a tea. I want to be able to sip a tea and understand all parts of it.

Mainly though this blog is for information. I post about my travels and my discoveries so other people can understand the tea world a little more. There are some teas for sale but it by no means the point of this website. Its not about making money, it’s about helping people understand tea on a more genuine level. The teas that I put on the site will further your understanding of a tea or a category. I put up teas that I think people should taste.