Dan Cong, Phoenix Oolong

Feng Huang Shan Wulong
(Dan Cong Oolong)

Dan Cong Feng Huang Shan oolong tea
The first brew of the Wudong Wu Ye


Highly aromatic and bursting with the most fruit flavors found in any tea, Feng Huang Shan wulong are a widely popular tea. Dylan himself is not a Feng Huang drinker as much and is much harder to impress with this category, so a Feng Huang Shan oolong needs to be truly good to be offered here.

Wu Dong Wu Ye (1 oz)

From the most sought after peak of Feng Huang Shan, Wu Dong, this wu ye oolong is juicy with notes of water melon, with a jolly rancher sweetness and floral aroma. Wu Ye is generally a simpler tea in terms of flavor profile, but with a refreshing-clean taste, hui gan, and a touch of bitterness, this tea is a perfect display of everything that makes Wudong famous.