Green Tea

The freshness of green tea can not be matched. Picked from the plant and exposed to high heat as soon as possible, green teas have a wide range of flavours from the savoury Mao Feng to bold Bi Luo Chun. No matter what the taste is, a refreshing flavour with a clear come back sweetness is a must have for all green teas.




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West Mountain Early Spring 2018 Bi Luo Chun.


Last years Bi Luo Chun was sharp and refreshing I described this tea as a beautiful lady with a dagger in her cloak. The initial bitterness, which is a trademark of Bi Luo Chun and in this case not a flaw, is replace with a fretting cooling sweetness. Notes of nuts, flowers and tangerine. The body was a little thicker than most green teas giving you a full and round flavor.

This year I asked my friend to separate the high mountain picking from the lower mountain pickings. This will hopefully yield a higher quality tea. If you order this tea before April 20th you will receive a sample (up to half ounce) of the 2017 Bi Luo Chun as a way to compare the two teas and elevate your understand of Bi Luo Chun as a whole. (while supplies last)


One oz