Green Tea

The freshness of green tea can not be matched. Picked from the plant and exposed to high heat as soon as possible, green teas have a wide range of flavours from the savoury Mao Feng to bold Bi Luo Chun. No matter what the taste is, a refreshing flavour with a clear come back sweetness is a must have for all green teas.





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West Mountain Early Spring 2018 Bi Luo Chun.





For those that don’t know, Bi Luo Chun is a green tea from Dong Ting Mountain, next to Tai Hu lake, about an hour outside Suzhou in eastern China. The picking for Bi Luo Chun is very early and therefore the tea leaves are very small but pack a punch flavor wise. Notes of nuts, flowers, fresh greens and sometimes even a little minerality is added by a slight astringency that give you a really crisp and fresh mouth feel.

This tea is perfect for Grandpa with its crisp taste and because a well made Bi Luo Chun will sink as soon as it hits water which makes it super easy to drink from a cup.

Take your time at home, or sip it at work, Bi Luo Chun will give you a fresh but bold flavour no matter how you drink it.

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