Wulong Tea (Oolong)


The wulong category tea goes under a very unique process that results in an pronounced aroma. The leaves are shaken and then left to rest in a receptive process that goes all through the night. The result is a level of aromacy and floridness unmatched by any other tea.

1. The making of Tie Guan Yin  2. Introduction to Wulong (Oolong)
2. Anxi Tea Factory (Video)        


Yan Cha



Wuyishan Shui Xian

A third time roasted Shui Xian, this tea is bold but not over powering. Strong notes of raw cacao, coffee with a little tobacco, all while keeping the wulong floral aroma. Tasters reviews: "Really nice. Taste like a nice, classic example of a cliff" @Marjor_tea



Light Roast Huang Guan Yin

A light, twice roasted Huang Guan Yin, this Yan Cha has a soft body with notes of caramel and brown sugar. Complexified by the famous Tie Guan Yin mouth feel this is truly interested tea.



Farmer Pick Rou Gui.

I asked my award winning farmer what is personal best was and he handed me a Rou Gui. I bought one lb just in time because not so much as a week later another buy came through and bought all the rest. This tea has been roasted a third time and somehow manages to have the body and smoothness of a light roast time, but the flavour profile and boldness of a heavy roast tea. Notes of cinnamon, apple pie crust and peppered roast beef.



Feng Huang Shan Wulong
(Dan Cong Oolong)

Dan Cong Feng Huang Shan oolong tea
The first brew of the Wudong Wu Ye


Highly aromatic and bursting with the most fruit flavors found in any tea, Feng Huang Shan wulong are a widely popular tea. Dylan himself is not a Feng Huang drinker as much and is much harder to impress with this category, so a Feng Huang Shan oolong needs to be truly good to be offered here.

Wu Dong Wu Ye (1 oz)

From the most sought after peak of Feng Huang Shan. This wu ye oolong is juicy with notes of water melon, with a jolly rancher sweetness and floral aroma. Wu Ye is generally a simpler tea in terms of flavor profile, but with a refreshing-clean taste, hui gan, and a touch of bitterness, this tea is a good example of everything that makes Wudong famous.