Yan Cha


Yan Cha is a subcategory of Wulong that is most known for its high roasting giving it a warm feel and a rough textured. This tea is particularly enjoyed by people fresh from drinking coffee because it can show similar strength. Lighter roast yan cha tea is sweeter and softer showing notes of oranges and brown sugar. All the yan chas offered here are from Wuyi Shan and made by hand.


Farmer’s Pick Rou Gui.

I asked my award winning farmer what his personal favorite was and he handed me this Rou Gui.

This tea has been roasted a third time and is a complex mixture of soft and strong. It has the soft body of a light roast, but the taste profile of a heavy roast. It displays the sweetness of a softer tea, but the texture that made heavy roasted Yan Chas famous. This tea will give you a view point on lightly roasted teas can be and may make other light roasts look dull in comparison.

I bought one Lb of this tea and a week later a Chinese buyer came in and bought the rest. Needless to say supplies are limited.
Notes of cinnamon, apple pie crust and peppered roast beef. (Picture coming soon)

Lower Mountain 1 Oz + Higher Mountain 1 Oz




Wuyishan Shui Xian

A third time roasted Shui Xian, this tea is bold but not over powering. Strong notes of raw cacao, coffee with a little tobacco, all while keeping the wulong floral aroma.

“Really nice. Tastes like a nice classic example of a cliff” @Marjor_tea